Homeowners insurance is often misunderstood. We pay high premiums for home owner insurance policies an inch thick but we have no idea how to read it or what is covered. Sure we know fires, hurricane and thefts are covered but does that justify the high premiums we pay? The fact of the matter is we spend a lot of money on our home owners insurance every year and we really do not know anything about them. So if you own a home for 5 years and pay $2,000 a year (a modest premium) you have spent $10,000 on a product that you know little about! Imagine if you have owned a home 10 years! Has your insurance company educated you on what your premiums cover and do not cover? Has your insurance agent taken the time to describe the details of your home owners insurance policy?

The State of Florida conducted studies showing the effects of using a public insurance adjuster to assist with a home owners insurance claim. When using a public insurance adjuster the home owner recovered over 700% than home owners that went directly to their home owners insurance company. Insurance companies enforce guidelines for their adjusters as to how they handle your claim. So to make a long story short: You pay high premiums to your home owners insurance company and they under pay your claim.

Many of our clients were referred to us by a family member or friend. These homeowners knew they the had damage but did not know how to proceed with a home owners insurance claim. Our adjuster conducts a free inspection at a convenient time for the home owner. We review the insurance policy to confirm coverage for the damage the home owner experienced. We photograph and scope damage to create a fair estimate to negotiate a claim settlement. Next we file the claim with your home owners insurance company. We are present when your home owners insurance company adjuster inspects your damage. We contact your home owners insurance company before they contact you to negotiate the best claims settlement possible. We do all of this for free. We work on a contingency bases. If we cannot collect for you than there is no cost. Are you familiar with the insurance claim process? Do you know what your policy allows and provides? We do. Call us now.